In loving memory of Russell

All good things
Must come to an end.
Today I said goodbye
To my best friend.

I’ve known you since you
Were just a little pup.
A little fighter since birth,
You never gave up.

I’ve watched you grow
Into my favourite canine friend.
Up till today,
I couldn’t imagine this end.

No more water will drip down
Your cute furry face.
There won’t be anyone
For me to chase.

The house will seem so still
Now that you’re gone.
No one to play with Pebbles,
Or go outside at dawn.

But I know the day will come,
When our tears will finally fade.
We’ll focus on the good times,
and all the moments we played.

You may no longer be around,
To bark or make a sound
But I’ll always recall,
How you turned my life around.

And when all my strength is gone,
In you I will be strong.

Until we can be together again,
I’ll keep you photo on my wall.
I’ll always remember you
As the very best dog of all.

In loving memory,

12 December 2015


Founder and Editor of Jcheongwrites, she writes about love and life.

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