“Love a person, let him go.” I never quite understood why people say that. After all, if someone truly meant something to you, shouldn’t you work to salvage the relationship? It wasn’t until I got through several heartbreaks and disappointments did I understand.

Letting go is not giving up. Letting go is simply not putting a timeline against a person’s change.

Letting go isn’t erasing the memories. Letting go is seeing the good in goodbye. Letting go is associating the heartbreak not as a painful past, but as a happy memory that taught you deep lessons.

Letting go doesn’t mean love ends. It just means love takes a different form. Letting go is loving without possession because you deep down, you can only hope that your absence will teach them what your presence did not.

Letting go is to love without expectations. Because after multiple setbacks, you finally realize false hopes are real and expectations often lead to disappointment.

We (noun) – We couldn’t be friends because we had hurt each other. We couldn’t be enemies because we loved each other. So here we are, just perfect strangers.

Letting go doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It just means you no longer let it define your life. Letting go is overcoming the hurt and having faith that things will get better.

Letting go doesn’t mean things are fine. Letting go is understanding that the only way to heal is to make peace with the pain. To let go is to soak in every moment of hurt. To know that it’s ok to be vulnerable.

Sometimes, we fall in love with the wrong people. And sometimes, we will love someone so dearly, we continue to love them despite their absence. You see, that’s exactly how love is meant to be – messy, imperfect, tragic yet beautiful.

To let go is to forgive yourself for giving the wrong people the right pieces of you.

We let go of the ones we love, because we finally see that all this time, we’ve held on too tight, to the one who wasn’t right. We let go of the ones we love, because sometimes that’s the only way we can continue loving them.

So let go. Read a book. Explore the world. Do something you’ve never done before. One day, you will create memories that are sweeter than the text messages he used to send to you.

One day, while he is left thinking about the future, missed adventures and opportunities that were never realized, you’ll be thankful for the broken heart that had the courage to keep on loving.

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