Date the man who waits

Date the man who waits. He’s gone through sufficient heartbreaks to understand true love is built, not found. Like you, he longs for a partner. But the man who waits recognizes there is more to life than rushing the search.

Instead of spending idle time pursuing new prospects online, he invests his time on the things that matter – kinship, friendship and bettering himself. He could well fall into the convenient trap of online dating, where it takes no more than a swipe and a few texts to take a pretty girl out on a date. But the man who waits, channels his loneliness positively. He refuses to take that route because he has dated enough to know how tiresome and futile dating multiple girls at once can be. He refuses to take that route because he recognizes it is worse to be lonely in the midst of company than to be comfortable alone.

Date the man who waits. He doesn’t date in search of the right girl. He dates because he has found the right girl. He dates when he has found his ideal girl.

Instead of casually chatting up random girls about his carefully curated profile photo of him sky diving years ago, the man who waits uses his time to embark on new adventures. Instead of splurging on first dates to impress girls, he saves up for his future.  He picks up a new hobby. He travels to new places, conquers new mountains, and explores new seas. Find the man who waits, not by photos of his rousing history, but by being a part of his new memories.

If he asks you out on a date, say yes. He won’t just ask you about your day. He won’t just drop you intermittent texts. Instead, he will touch your heart with his undivided attention. He will be truly appreciative of time spent with you, because he knows it didn’t come easy.

Date the man who waits. He isn’t seeking companionship to fill the void within him. The man who waits is secure and confident on his own. He waits, not because he is patient. He waits, because he knows you are the girl he’s been searching for, and he knows he probably won’t find it in anyone else.

Spot the man who waits. You’ll know it’s him when he doesn’t pressurize you into a relationship. Unlike most men who would embark on a relentless chase in the initial phase with flowers and gifts, the man who waits takes his time. Not because he isn’t into you, but because he doesn’t see the hurry. He knows his excitement won’t die down even after a couple of months. He knows his love won’t waiver just because of a slow start. The man who waits shows his love not in short, intense spurts. Instead, he uses time as a test of his love and dedication.

Commit to the man who waits. He can be your partner for life. He may not publicly proclaim his love for you, but he will be there for you in times of need. He may not make you feel like you’re falling in love, but he is also less likely to break your heart.

Save your heart for the man who waits. Because the man who chooses not to settle for any girl in a society of convenient relationships, is a man worth waiting for.

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