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JcheongwritesWe all have that moment in life where we question whether we really want to spend the rest of our life in our current profession. You ponder about the possibilities of doing something else, something cool, with a positive impact. After all, they always say, “Do what you love. Do work you love”. Like many others, I too have had such a moment.At the age of twenty two, I often dreamed of being a journalist or an editor of a cool fashion/lifestyle magazine. I wondered what life would be like if my days were not centered around calculators and Excel spreadsheets but rather meeting interesting and inspiring people. At one point in life, I wanted to be a writer. Yet somehow, most shoved this thought of mine aside saying, “There she goes again.”

Because I don’t need to make my dream my job, I decided to create my own “Magazine”. That’s the day Jcheongwrites was born. Within a short time frame, it hit 300,000 over reads. Today, Jcheongwrites is not only an avenue for my personal reflection, it touches the hearts of readers all over the world. The articles here have been made into YouTube videos and even cartoons.


I may not be a paper-qualified legit journalist but I am the journalist and editor of my very own mag. Now, my articles are no longer limited to fashion/lifestyle. Now, I can write about anything I want.

Jcheongwrites was created with a hope to inspire readers from all walks of life. If my article has impacted your life in one way or another, like and share. Subscribe to Jcheongwrites on Facebook and Instagram (#jcheongwrites) so you’ll never miss another post! Spread the good word or even drop me a message! To friends and supporters, thank you for the encouragement and for being a part of this journey of mine. I will keep writing, so keep reading & sharing!

With love, Jcheong